Diagnostic Imaging

We are a full-service Imaging Department with a goal to provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible, in a compassionate, friendly, comfortable atmosphere.   We work to assist your primary care physician by gaining valuable medical information using advanced technology in conjunction with your symptoms to diagnosis and treat your condition.  CMH Radiology utilizes Advanced Medical Imaging for their services of Radiologist reading and digital archiving of exams (PACS).  Integrating digital imaging, electronic medical records and voice recognition dictation through AMI allows the fastest results reporting to your physician and CMH.


A radiologist will interpret your Radiology x-ray exam.   A radiologist is a physician who specializes in bone x-ray and all other radiologic examinations for the detection of abnormalities of the internal organs and bone structures.   A signed report with the radiologist’s interpretation will then be available to your physician 24 hours after your exam.  Your physician’s office will inform you on how to obtain your test results.