The Community Memorial Hospital Pharmacy’s mission is to care for and serve the patients and providers of the hospital by providing proactive and patient-focused services related to pharmaceuticals.  The pharmacy serves the hospital establishing itself as a source of pride for the hospital.  The pharmacy serves the profession of pharmacy by developing programs and processes that continuously improve patient care/safety at CMH.

The pharmacy department employs a Director of Pharmacy to assure patients receive the highest quality pharmaceutical care possible.  The pharmacist works in cooperation with the physicians and nursing staff to provide patients with the “5 rights of medication management”:   the right drug, right dose, right route, at the right time, to the right patients.

The pharmacist is on staff Monday – Friday as well as being available on call 24h/7days a week.  The pharmacist utilizes wireless connections which enables access to patient medication profiles, lab data and drug information 24 hours a day.  Our pharmacy provides a near-patient pharmacy service that includes:

  • Taking accurate drug histories
  • Providing prescribing advice
  • Discharge planning / counseling
  • Nurse education
  • Improving compliance with prescribing policies and hospital formulary
  • Supplying medication for patient care
  • Patient counseling

Clinical pharmacy services include:  clinical interventions, renal drug monitoring, drug interaction monitoring, patient care rounding, medication teaching, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug order review, drug information support for care providers and a focus on an integrated, unit-based model for care delivery

The new main pharmacy is situated in the center of the hospital on the main ‘street’ of the hospital near the nurses station and patient rooms.  This allows easy access, by all healthcare professionals involved with the care of patient, to the pharmacist.

The pharmacy also has an extension encompassing a small-scale compounded sterile products production unit. Facilities are available within this unit for the provision of any sterile products or other special items that need to be compounded for the patient.